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Global MPAS--Model for Prediction Across Scales

Dr. Stephen Masters Consulting is now running two global forecasts using the Model for Prediction Across Scales (MPAS). MPAS was developed by and is supported by the National Center for Atmospheric Research. I am running Version 8.1.0 (April 2024) on a 24-core Intel-i9 Linux system.

The global forecasts you see are initialized from the United States NCEP Global Forecast System (GFS).
A low-resolution run (requivalent to about 1-degree global resolution) is run from the 1800 UTC GFS and is run out for 14 days. A higher resolution job (about 1/2-degree equivalent) is run through 3 days beginning with the 0600 UTC GFS.

Regional MPAS runs

120 km-resolution mesh. 40962 points across the globe.

60 km-resolution mesh. 163842 points across the globe.

MPAS Forecasts

120 km resolution, 14-day run, 1800 UTC cycle
3-hourly animations (maps through 7 days) Meteograms
(through 14 days)
"How is the forecast changing?"

North America

Tropical Atlantic

  • Sea level pressure and 3-hour precipitation
  • 250 hPa winds and outgoing longwave radiation

  • 60 km resolution, 3-day run, 0600 UTC cycle
    1-hourly animations Meteograms

    North America

    The plots and data you see here are produced by Dr. Stephen Masters Consulting, LLC and are freely available. We ask that you give credit to us if you use these data. We can create custom plots from the MPAS or NCEP models or data. Contact Steve for more information.

    Disclaimer: These charts are provided "as-is" with no guarantee of availability. Always check the dates on the charts to make sure you are viewing the latest available data. Please do not use these for commercial purposes without permission of the author.

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