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NCEP Data and Modeling Plots

The plots and data you see here are produced by Dr. Stephen Masters Consulting, LLC and are freely available. We ask that you give credit to us if you use these data. We can create custom plots from the NCEP models or data. Contact Steve for more information.

Credits: NCEP GFS, NAM, and RAP data from the National Center for Envoromental Prediction. The surface maps are created with Digital Atmosphere from Weather Graphics Technologies. The forecast model maps were created using the Grid Analysis and Display System software.

Disclaimer: These charts are provided "as-is" with no guarantee of availability. Always check the dates on the charts to make sure you are viewing the latest available data. Please do not use these for commercial purposes without permission of the author.

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Weather at home

Current weather from my Davis weather station in the back of my house. This is updated every 15 minutes starting at :04.

Current Observed and RAP Analyses

The "observed data" is updated at :45; the RAP analyses plots are updated at around :57, so each will generally be about an hour old. Always check the date and time of the plots carefully. You may need to "reload" the image in your browser to get the most current picture.

Data Source U.S. Florida OK/TX/KS/MO VA/WV/DC Other Regions
Data Plots
Observed data
Rapid Refresh Surface Analysis MSL Pressure
Temp/Dew Pt
Lifted Index
500 mb hts/temp
700 mb hts/temp
MSL Pressure
Temp/Dew Pt
Lifted Index
500 mb hts/temp
700 mb hts/temp
MSL Pressure
Temp/Dew Pt
Lifted Index
500 mb hts/temp
700 mb hts/temp
MSL Pressure
Temp/Dew Pt
Lifted Index
500 mb hts/temp
700 mb hts/temp
Southwestern US
Indiana region
North Carolina region
GMGSI current satellite Visible      Water Vapor    
Short IR     Long IR
Visible      Water Vapor    
Short IR     Long IR
RUC Local upper air winds and soundings Melbourne, FL Wichita Falls, TX

Global Weather

NCEP Sea Surface Temperature Analysis:     
Gulf of Mexico      FL East Coast      Entire World      North Atlantic Ocean      Eastern Pacific      Northeast Pecific (Alaska/Canada)      Galapagos Islands      Norway      Mediterranean Sea      Iceland      UK (west of 0)    (east of 0)
Sea ice coverage      North Polar region
Tropical winds      Pacific tropical winds      Atlantic tropical winds
Global temperatures and jet streams      500 hPa jets      200 hPa jets      Surface temperatures
Northern hemisphere      500 hPa heights/temps      500 hPa heights/temps
"Esoteric plots:" 80W latitude/pressure section      zonal wind
Global GMGSI satellite      Visible      Water Vapor     Shortwave IR     Longwave IR      See my GMGSI satellite page for more information about these images.

Operational WRF Products

I am running custom WRF configurations over several domains both inside and outside the United States. You can view the output from all of the jobs at the WRF page. Also check out the verification page that accompanies the Florida runs.

NAM Forecast

Updated. Forecast plots from the 2017 (last?) update of the NCEP NAM WRF model. Higher resolution regional plots will be coming soon.

This update is still a "work in progress." The latest data may not be posted.
 United States 0-48 hrs
500 hPa heights, vorticity, temperature
SLP, clouds, surface temperature
10 m AGL winds
3-hour precipitation

GFS Forecasts

Forecasts from the latest Global Forecast System run. Forecast plots are created every six hours of forecasts out to 240 hours.
North America Florida/Atlantic
2m Temp
KMLB Sounding
10m wind
Wave fcst:     Atlantic   E Pacific  
500 hPa
Sfc winds:     Atlantic     E Pacific
Chicago, IL
Fairbanks, AK
Seoul, South Korea
Lafayette, IN
Boston, MA
Tuscon, AZ
Greenbelt, MD
Kansas City, MO
Boulder, CO
Washington, DC
Lake Adger, NC
Eldorado, TX
Melbourne, FL

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