Dr. Stephen Masters Consulting, LLC

Dr. Stephen Masters Consulting, LLC WRF Forecast

WRF forecast over western tropical Atlantic Ocean

WRF Status and configuration

ARW job completed at Tue Sep 26 12:39:25 UTC 2023

WRF-ARW 4.1.5 (March 2020), initialized with NCEP GFS forecast

Model configuration:

  • Single domain, 15 km resolution
  • Simulation length: 72 hrs
  • Cumulus: Kain-Fritsch
  • Microphysics: WRF Single Moment 3-class
  • PBL scheme: Yonesi
  • Land surface: Noah
  • Sfc layer physics: Revised MM5 sfc scheme
  • Long wave radiation: Fast RRTMG
  • Short wave radiation: Fast RRTMG

WRF maps and animations

Grid 1: Western Atlantic Ocean ARW
SLP and Hourly Precipitation
2m AGL Temperature
10m AGL Winds

72-hour meteograms

Melbourne, FL
Kennedy Space Center, FL
Cancun, Mexico
New_Orleans, LA
Miami, FL
Kingston, Jamaica
Grand Cayman Island
San Juan, PR
St. Thomas, VI
St Maarten