Dr. Stephen Masters Consulting, LLC

Dr. Stephen Masters Consulting, LLC WRF Forecast

WRF forecast over southern Europe and Mediterranean Sea

WRF Status and configuration

ARW job completed at Mon Aug 31 06:18:47 UTC 2020

WRF-ARW v3.7.1 (August 2015), initialized with NCEP GFS forecast

This job runs on Amazon Web Services (AWS). The entire process--GFS download and pre-processing, WRF execution, post-processing, and web graphics generation and upload, are performed on custom AWS virtual machine that exists for the duration of the job.

Model configuration:

  • Single domain, 15 km resolution
  • Simulation length: 72 hrs
  • Cumulus: Kain-Fritsch
  • Microphysics: WRF Single Moment 3-class
  • PBL scheme: Yonesi
  • Land surface: Noah
  • Sfc layer physics: Revised MM5 sfc scheme
  • Long wave radiation: Fast RRTMG
  • Short wave radiation: Fast RRTMG

WRF maps and animations

Grid 1: Europe ARW
SLP and Hourly Precipitation
2m AGL Temperature
10m AGL Winds
Simulated radar
500 hPa heights, winds

72-hour meteograms

Barcelona, Spain
Marseilles, France
Nice, France
Florence, Italy
Rome, Italy
Valletta, Malta
Mykonos, Greece
Athens, Greece
Ephesus, Turkey
Istanbul, Turkey